5 Things Dogs Shouldn't Eat

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5 Things Dogs Shouldn't Eat

Dog Chewing


Your pet’s body processes food very differently to a human’s, this means that some things which we enjoy can seriously harm or even kill your dog. If you suspect this has happened it is essential that you contact your vet for advice immediately.

Chocolate contains theobromine, which will damage the heart, kidneys and nervous system of your dog. Dark chocolate is much worse than milk chocolate so even a little bit could be a problem. Your dog may start vomiting, having diarrhoea, restlessness and seizures.

Raisins can cause kidney failure, how is happens is not understood and the amount ingested to cause a problem is variable but a small amount could see a dog go into kidney failure. Remember that in the raisin family are sultanas, currants and grapes and these are found in Christmas cake and hot crossed buns, so be careful.

Dogs love to play with and swallow Batteries. They can cause chemical burns, heavy metal poisoning or even cause a blockage. Please get advice from your vet if you suspect this has happened.

Plants. This is a really complicated topic, in short most species of tree and plants have low toxicity but may cause mild gastrointestinal upset if chewed.

Rat/mouse poison. These can have a delayed but nasty effect. They often work by causing severe uncontrollable internal bleeding and have the same effect on pets as they do on pests. Call your vet urgently if you think your pet has swallowed any.

Article written by Caroline Jahnsdorf, Veterinary Surgeon at Wigton Vets.